Fabulously Designed Hallways with the Use of Home Accessories


Fabulously Designed Hallways with the Use of Home Accessories


In an interior decoration and shelving project, one part of the house that is commonly overlooked is the hallway. More often than not, this part is just taken for granted, simply because it is nothing but a way in the hall. However, just like any house parts, they should also be given important attention since they are still essential in home decoration. There are several home accessories and shelving pieces that you can use to stress the importance and beauty of your hallways.

Since the hallways are where people usually walk and where traffic is sometimes build up, it is a must to have the proper lighting in them. One overhead fixture will not do the job for the tendency is that only a single part of the hall will be lit while others will be left in darkness. For the whole way to be properly lit, installing sconces on the walls is a nice idea and will also give some nice drama effect on the hall. To achieve the best of the latter, you can utilize some dimmer switches so you have the option to choose general or accent lighting.

For light to be reflected, suing some mirrors for the hallway will also be nice accessories. Aside from this, the mirrors can also create the effect of making your living room larger than its actual size. The cheapest and easiest option to have this effect possible is by using a console or hall table. Make sure that it will just be narrow so as not to compromise the whole area for traffic. You can put on its top a nice decorative lamp and also a mirror above it for a better impact.

In case the hallway in your house is just off your living room, you can do something to tie the two spots together. You can either use the same accessories and shelving units you have in the living room in the hallway or you can use some wall shelves, the floating ones in particular, and put some accent light as well.

See, there are a lot that you can do to accessorize your hallways and not just leave it out of the house decoration.



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